Lottery draws at casino X

Casino X is the most unusual online project in terms of bonuses and promotions offered. The company has developed more than 20 programmes where you can win every day, every week and every month big prizes, money, spins and free participation in new tournaments. One of such promotions is the weekly casino X lottery.

What is the casino X lottery

Among the promotions is the weekly casino X lottery. If you fulfil certain conditions, you get prizes and cash rewards.

To become a participant of the lottery, you need to register and verify your account by providing a copy of your passport to the support team.

Then the player deposits the account and starts betting. For each bet made, you get points that can be used to participate in the lottery. When the amount of bets exceeds 10,000 rubles, the casino X lottery is automatically activated.

To find out about current draws, open the side tab and go to the “Lotteries” section. At the top of the list you will find the current promotion, the results of which are calculated on Fridays.

If you subscribe to the casino newsletter, you will receive notifications of new lotteries by email.

Which casino X lottery is active at the moment

In the “Lotteries” section you will find a weekly promotion with a drawing of 1,000,000 rubles. The prize fund is shared between the 200 best users. You can buy a ticket or get it for free if you have a bet amount of 10,000 rubles or more over the past week. This is how much one lottery ticket costs.

The more you bet on your favourite slots, the more chances you have to get a lottery ticket for every 10,000 roubles in the casino. The draw takes place every Friday, which is why the lottery is called a weekly lottery.

Tickets are randomly selected by the operator using a random number generation programme, so the draws are transparent and fair. It is impossible to fake the result! If you want to test your luck, buy lottery tickets and participate in the lottery draw on Fridays with casino X.

If you manage to win, your lucky ticket will appear in the “Promo” section of your personal account. The operator also sends a win notification to the lucky player’s email.

Rules of the casino X weekly lottery

Players who bet money at casino X automatically participate in lotteries.

For every 10,000 roubles, players receive one ticket. Casino and Live casino games count.

If you choose the sports section, then participation in the lottery becomes even easier! For every 2,000 roubles on sports predictions you will receive one lottery ticket.

Prizes are credited immediately after the draw. The total amount of 1,000,000 roubles is divided in equal parts between 200 participants. Each receives 5,000 roubles.

The prize can be taken away by wagering it with a wager of X3. Real money bets will be taken into account when giving out the prize. Games with bonuses do not take part in lotteries.

Each client can get up to 20 lottery tickets daily. Detailed conditions read in the “Promo” section in the footer of the main page of the casino X project.

The names of the winners are posted in the “Lotteries” section. Open the gameplay of the past promotion and scroll down the page. In the table you will see the logins of players who became lottery winners. This promotion is held on a regular basis and gathers more than 500 000 participants every week.

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